In Susan’s Words

I am deeply gladdened that you are pursuing the important work of counseling; it is a superb avenue for personal and relational transformation. I believe in this work and facilitate it with clients because I truly love people, and I am fascinated by their stories.

As a therapist, I believe in every person´s potential to be loved and loving, mature, and emotionally and psychologically free. That vision guides my practice, and it is the foundation upon which I help clients attain the unique goals for which they seek counseling. For nearly twenty years in the fields of social work and mental health counseling, I have witnessed individuals, couples, families, and groups find the hope, healing, and relational restoration they needed to live more whole and vibrant lives. I utilize a variety of therapeutic models in my work, though I primarily operate from psychodynamic and feminist orientations.

My specialties include:

  • Women´s issues (including relationships, body image disorders, depression, and anxiety)
  • Healing from religious abuse
  • Children of narcissists
  • Growing into selfhood
  • The impact of culture and social systems on women´s development and self-understanding

I am happy for you to read more about my education, advanced training, and experience on my Bio page.
While my practice is quite frequently full, I am proud to offer a quality alternative for a fraction of the cost through Seattle Therapy Alliance {link}, a business I co-founded which offers low-cost counseling services to adolescent girls and women. While I am unable to provide the counseling services there myself, graduate counseling students are thrilled for the opportunity to work with you at below customary rates; in exchange, they are provided clinical supervision by myself and other seasoned practitioners. You can learn more about Seattle Therapy Alliance here.

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