I have subdivided my seminar offerings topically into Salons. The name”Salon”harkens back to the 17th and 18th century Parisian salons, where French women invited leading philosophers, pilule artists, and writers into their sitting rooms for an invigorating exchange of ideas. In an age in which girls were denied advanced educations, resourceful women circumvented social barriers by creating unofficial”universities”in their sitting rooms, where they engaged in intellectual debate across race, gender, and class. The Salon thus became one of women´s most important contributions to the Enlightenment.

In following with the conversational spirit of the”bluestockings,”as the salonnières are called, I have included a Discussion tab with the seminars, which is your invitation to my virtual sitting room where we can carry on stimulating and engaging discourse. My hope is that together we might find our way along to our own moments of enlightenment.

To Converse is Human... to Salon is Divine

Salons for Mental Health Practitioners

As an entrepreneur in the field of mental health counseling, nothing excites me more than supporting clinicians in their vital work of extending healing and hope in our world. Because of my personal commitment to promote psychological health and well being, I have established each of my companies as a social business with the primary aim of offering practitioners invaluable -and superior-products, whether it is communal office space, continuing education units, or assistance in building a successful private practice.

Salons for Non-Practitioners:

In my years of teaching graduate counseling students, I have been consistently urged to share my teaching with people outside of the counseling profession. While my lay seminars and e-books are largely still under development, I look forward to bringing you products that will offer perspective on a variety of topics from gender and self-actualization to relationships, social justice, and spirituality. View available and forthcoming products.