Women & Their Bodies

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Whether by cosmetic surgeries, waxes and polishes, endless dieting, the use of make-up and moisturizers, skin lighteners for some and creams to tan for others, many women are fixated on looking, somehow, better. Social psychologists suggest that impossible cultural beauty norms for women are driving serious mental health issues, including eating disorders and a cultural obsession with an “ideal” body image that is only attainable for photo-shopped, half-starved, and usually white models. These horrifically destructive notions send powerful messages to women about what is “required” to be loved and accepted. In this lecture, therapists will gain a thoroughgoing understanding of the cultural imperatives around gender, race, and class that drive women to compulsively sculpt-and be dissatisfied with- their bodies. The lecture will also explore methods by which patients can “talk back” to the girl-poisoning aspects of our culture. Participants will learn key principles from feminist psychotherapy, which is a proven modality for increasing women´s body image satisfaction.

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Women & Their Bodies

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