Women & Sex

The latest research by gender theorists points out that when the majority of women´s experience don´t fit into our traditional models of understanding, we have to interrogate the models themselves. It turns out that the traditional models of sexuality and sexual functioning are male-based models of sexuality, and they therefore pathologize women and are inaccurate in describing women´s sexual identities, processes, and pleasures. This lecture seeks to relay the most recent research by neuro-psychiatrists, sexologists and sociologists, while also outlining the important political and historical contexts that continue to shape women´s understanding and experience of their sexuality. We´ll explore topics like: why today´s “purity balls” are an extension of 18th and 19th century white-patriarchal property rights; why Freud called women “frigid” and how he got it all wrong; and how women can resist the “Madonna/whore” binary that society still indoctrinates. We´ll also give special attention to how sexual stereotypes of women are infused with racist and classist attitudes-a critical topic for understanding how women´s sexuality is simultaneously objectified, policed, and demonized in contemporary US culture.

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Women & Sex

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