How to Start Your Private Practice

I first developed this seminar almost a decade ago following requests from colleagues who were struggling to get their practices off the ground.  I have been updating the content every year since.  Their initial question, “How did you build a thriving practice so quickly? How do I start my own counseling practice?”gave way to a host of more granular, yet still significant, questions:

  • How do I determine which business structure is best for me?
  • What forms do I need for my patients?
  • What expenses can counselors in private practice write off on their taxes?
  • If I have limited funds for marketing, what is the best use of those dollars to market my private practice?
  • Is it possible to build a fee-for-service practice, or do I have to get on insurance panels?

In response to these important inquiries, I developed the How to Start Your Private Practice Seminar, a fun and engaging tutorial jam-packed with the nuts and bolts of building a private counseling practice. Unlike other practice-building products, this seminar includes far more than marketing (though that´s included too). This e-kit, packaged here with a 3&1/2-hour video, 60+-page workbook, and downloadable forms, contains all the practicalities for setting up a sound-and thriving-practice.

Key Benefits:

Seasoned practitioners will tell you that if you do your marketing right just once, you’ll have very little marketing to execute ever again. Learn cost-effective strategies for growing your ideal private practice without resorting to cold calls.

  • Marketing principles for private practitioners
  • Hard copy materials (flyers, business cards, brochures, and more!)
  • Using the Internet and social media to build a client base
  • Determining which referral relationships to nurture and which to avoid

Unless you love paperwork and dealing with insurance companies, you´ll want to know the billing basics that will make your life easier. I´ve demystified the process of receipting, which will keep you out of the client/insurance relationship.

  • Setting up an effortless fee-for-service practice
  • CPT codes, FEIN numbers and other receipt essentials…made simple
  • Insurance panels: the Do’s and Don’ts

Business Structure and Licensing
Only you can determine which business structure is right for you…but I’ve gathered the resources that will help you make an informed decision with confidence.

  • Descriptions of business structures, from Sole Proprietor to Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Partnerships, and more
  • Resources for FREE counsel for small businesses
  • Keep your city, state, and federal governments happy: license your business appropriately

Malpractice Insurance
Good news: I’ve done your homework for you! I’ve researched insurance carriers for healthcare providers and compiled a timesaving table with cost and benefit comparisons as well as contact information for the most popular companies offering malpractice insurance.

  • Up-to-date pricing and contact information
  • Deciding between Occurrence vs. Claims Made policies

One of the most important relationships you´ll have at the beginning of your practice is the one you establish with your Clinical Supervisor. Make sure you ascertain the right fit for you and your practice.

  • Categories for consideration in a supervisory relationship
  • How to interview a potential Clinical Supervisor

Financial Considerations
It is possible, though not necessarily typical, to make a profit from the very beginning of your practice. Find out how to be a clinician who ends the first year in the black.

  • Budget categories
  • Pointers for tax write-offs
  • Efficient methods for tracking income and expenses
  • Writing a business plan specifically for a private practice

And a few surprises too

  • Preparing for the first phone call and the first session
  • Saving money with shared office space
  • How to set your rate…and stick to it
  • Working with groups
  • Establishing a niche
  • And more!

Comprehensive Forms
For no extra cost, you can download the essential forms you´ll need to start a private counseling practice. The following are ready for personalization with your information:

  • Authorization to Release Information
  • Client Progress Note
  • Confidentiality Statement for Groups
  • CPS Reporting Form
  • Disclosure Statement
  • Emergency Notification
  • HIPAA Statement
  • Initial Consultation Notes
  • Insurance Treatment Report (for Life Insurance)
  • Intake
  • Letterhead
  • Payment Log
  • Permission to Record-Audio
  • Permission to Record-Video
  • Record of Counseling Hours
  • Record of Counseling Income
  • Billing Statement

The most common feedback I receive on this seminar is gratitude-first for the generous abundance of information provided, and second for my transparency about all the mistakes I made when I started my practice, so that participants don´t have to make those mistakes as well. I really am invested in helping you establish an ideal practice that is bursting at the seams; I hope you´ll sense that commitment and enthusiasm as you enjoy this e-kit.

How to Start Your Private Practice

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