Make Money in Private Practice

One of the challenges of working for one´s self in private practice is that counseling is a service-based business, meaning, “If your butt isn´t in the seat, you´re not making money.” That can make it difficult to go on vacation, to take maternity (or paternity) leave, and to make an income that can support a family abundantly.

After a number of vacation-less years in practice, I determined that I needed to find a way to create passive income (i.e., a way to make money while on vacation) within the therapeutic profession. Once I started dreaming about the opportunities, I began seeing them everywhere! In the past eight years, I have initiated several relatively passive streams of income in addition to my counseling practice. As a result, I make well over six figures per year while seeing less than 15 patients per week. In the following e-books, I will tell you how you can do that too.

  • Subleasing: Building Community while Collecting Rent Checks
    Clinicians usually wish to practice in community, but that can be hard to find unless you work in an agency. With this e-book, you can learn the ins-and-outs of leasing commercial real estate, which you can then sublease to therapists and friends for a tidy profit.
  • Independent Contractors: Build Their Business While They Build Yours
    If you´ve been in practice long enough that you´re turning patients away on a regular basis, you might think about developing a relationship with an Independent Contractor who will take your referrals and split the income with you in a classic win-win scenario.
  • Student Interns: An Exchange That´s Mutually Beneficial
    Love teaching? You can gratify that urge by taking on a graduate counseling intern who will offer free labor in your practice in exchange for minimal-and rewarding-clinical supervision.
  • Online Seminars: Create the Content Once and Sell It Into Perpetuity
    If you enjoy researching, writing, and teaching but you don´t want to be gone from your family for long, or you don´t want to hassle with all the details of hosting an event, do the next best thing: prep your material once, tape it, and sell it online.

If you want to proceed with one of these business ventures, I recommend booking at least a one-hour Business Consultation with me for individualized assistance in making your dream a reality.

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