For Mental Health Practitioners

If you need continuing education and hope for stimulating, paradigm-shifting content, you may be interested in a collection of lectures I have developed which offer rich academic research packaged with humorous and perspectivizing references from sources as varied as Saturday Night Live, Gloria Steinem, and Coco Chanel. Associated images, quotes, statistics and handouts are included to add dynamism to research garnered from social psychologists, historians, anthropologists, body-image researchers, economists, theologians, neuropsychiatrists, and feminist thought-leaders.

If you need help with the business side of what you do, check out my seminars in the “Practice Building” Salon. You will find resources like my popular”How to Start Your Private Practice”seminar, as well as information on how to hire me for 1:1 Business Consultation. I also have downloadable, customizable forms for your business and a series of e-books, including How to Make Money in Private Practice…Without Adding More Patients.