Gender Salon

The Seeing Gender series is a collection of lectures designed to train mental health and social service professionals in the art of seeing-and intervening-in gender-based psychological issues with women. In each of the topical seminars, feminist psychotherapist Dr. Susan Hall integrates research-based evidence from a range of fields, including anthropology, body-image research, social psychology, economics, theology, neuropsychiatry, and feminist activism, in order to lay out a critical framework for seeing gender. Her interdisciplinary methods effectively reveal the key historical and cultural factors, too often hidden from sight, which have underpinned and propelled much of women´s symptomologies. Dr. Hall´s approach not only helps practitioners gain new skills to see gender within a complex web of history and culture, but also illuminates the interventions and treatment strategies needed to help women heal and live fuller, more authentic lives.

The Seeing Gender lecture series will help you engage a feminist cultural critique, and then extend beyond to offer treatment categories, methods for empowerment, and strategies for individual and social change. The ultimate goal of the series is to prepare clinicians to inoculate girls and women from restrictive gender assumptions so that patients can make staggeringly rich lives of their own choosing.

The lectures are accompanied by a variety of aids including images, quotes, statistics, key questions, work sheets, case studies, and recommended reading. The seminars may be purchased for personal enrichment or for Continuing Education.

Vision is a Deliberate Gift

Introduction to Gender

Provides the foundational definitions and theories forming the infrastructure on which to frame your understanding of gender. This lecture is essential for guiding your therapeutic work with women as they work to transcend gender role expectations.

Women & Psychology

The premise of this lecture is that women´s psychology is not shaped in a vacuum, but rather in a social context that reinforces diagnoses from which women suffer disproportionately. Provides methods for supporting the diversity of women´s identity development and strategies for inoculating them from the ills of a patriarchal culture.

Women & Their Bodies

Therapists will gain a thorough understanding of the cultural imperatives around gender, race, and class that drive women to compulsively sculpt-and be dissatisfied with-their bodies. Participants will learn key principles from feminist psychotherapy, which is a proven modality for increasing women´s body image satisfaction.

Women & Sex

Traditional models of sexuality and sexual functioning are male-based models of sexuality, and are inaccurate in describing women´s sexual identities, processes, and pleasures. Dr. Hall looks at research by neuro-psychiatrists, sexologists and sociologists, while also outlining the important political and historical contexts that continue to shape women´s understanding and experience of their sexuality.

Women & Money

Dr. Hall argues that when working with women, money should be treated not just as a symptom, but also as a cause, for without an understanding of systemic forces, therapists will pathologize women who are struggling with very real issues of discrimination. This lecture carefully explains the historical and contemporary issues that have for too long affected women´s earning power.

Living with Feminist Imagination

Imagine a world in which the next generation is able to enjoy the glorious results of our collective efforts for gender justice. This lecture encourages participants to become active negotiators in the work of expansive gender socialization, and to see the work of gender justice as intimately linked to creating a better world for all people.