Meet Susan

It was 1987 and my high school band was planning a weeklong adventure to Florida, where we would march in a parade at Disney World. My friend Leslie, along with my sister Sarah and I, concocted a secret mission to befriend the class nerd-a silent, friendless oboe-player named Robert, whom we knew would need a comrade for the journey. We pledged to one another that at least one of us would be by Robert´s side at all times; we would invite him to eat with us, to brave Space Mountain together, to be seated with us for every mile of the grueling road trip. Over that week we lived up to our pledge, and to our absolute amazement Robert transformed before our eyes. The once voiceless young man had become a nonstop chatterer, cracking jokes and grandstanding until we bade him an exhausted farewell upon our return home. From that day forward, our instructor glared at Leslie, Sarah, and me every time he had to tell Robert to stop talking during class. It seemed that love and acceptance really could transform a life. I was hooked.

Sarah & SusanMy quest to participate meaningfully in the lives of others led me to Anderson University where I majored in Social Work and graduated with honors in 1991. After six years of directing a homeless shelter, I turned my attention to the arena of personal revolutions, gaining a Masters of Arts in Counseling in 2000. In the ensuing years, my private counseling practice opened up more questions than I could answer, so I returned to school for a doctorate in 2004 and studied abroad with women from every continent while learning the perspectives of feminist theologians from around the world. In 2008 I graduated with a Doctorate of Ministry in International Feminist Theology from San Francisco Theological Seminary. Few of my questions were answered, but I´d grown more comfortable with the unknowable.

SimoneBetween educational endeavors, I discovered an innate entrepreneurial talent that I directed toward alleviating the suffering of persons in need. At the age of twenty-three, I worked with two friends to establish a homeless shelter, which is still providing housing and care for women and children in Indiana today. More recently, I have built three successful businesses in the mental health field: Susan Hall Counseling, Susan Hall Properties, and Seattle Therapy Alliance. With each company I seek to offer a gift of compassion to the world, and I am proud that these ventures are making a difference in the lives of others.

EmmanuelMy identities as student and entrepreneur now take a happy back seat to that of mother; I am the besotted new mom to Emmanuel, who I adopted from Uganda in a process that was nothing short of harrowing. In my spare time, I am a foodie and a lover of beauty, intimacy, and truth; I am an unabashed stalker of joie de vivre. All things French make me giddy, as does my Chinese Shar Pei, Simone (named for my heroine, Simone de Beauvoir). I am an aficionada of gender and justice, psychology and soulfulness. I lose myself in projects that develop my business acumen. More recently, I’m obsessed with creating educational lectures for…you. Bienvenue!

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  • Fun facts about Susan

    I am a twin, so I respond to the name “Sarah” as readily as my own.

    I celebrated our 40th birthday by giving my twin 40 gifts—4 gifts per hour for 10 hours straight.

    My favorite food: foie gras, of course.

    Mad Men fan? Yes, more Jon Hamm, please.

    My first name means “Lily” and my middle name means “little rebel.” I happen to think that’s a pretty damn good combination.

    I ran the Chicago Marathon and the Memphis Marathon (and I seriously doubt I’ll ever run one again).

    I’ve assisted in the delivery of 30+ babies as a doula…and I’m still amazed that the female body can, well, “stretch” like that.

    I would eat out at a fine restaurant every day of my life if I could; it’s my favorite treat, bar none.